Sunday, 20 November 2016

ac: sanctuary

I find sanctuary in nature. in moments.
in the ribbed leaves of plantain.

in the flourishing of crack grown weeds.

in the tangled beauty of autumn decay.

in the medicine plants that are new to me

and their changes

with the seasons.

in the gathering of fallen leaves

getting together to nourish the earth and her worms.
becoming sanctuary for so many tiny crawlie creatures.

in the quiet edges.

in the tenderness of thorns.

in quiet friendship.

in the wide openness of hilltops.

in the depths of stone, and the life that cloaks them.

in the hands that place them.

and in the ages they've known.

in colour, shape, touch, and earth.

in the little things.

she gathered pieces of warmth, and tucked them into dark pockets. . . .
finding sanctuary in art. in abandon.

in the gentleness of starlight . . .
thank you to Veronica for hosting this weeks art challenge,
and for the gentle theme of sanctuary.
more of the 'sanctuary' inspired posts can be visited from here.

Friday, 11 November 2016


little cloth bags.
repurposed completely from pre-loved fabrics.
the pinks above are made with indian cotton, thai cotton, and thai silk.

these two made from old army shirts,
nice to make use of the little pockets from the sleeves also.
this one below i've made for myself to use.

made with bits of cloth from some of my old clothes . . .

each piece of cloth carrying a memory . . .

i love mixing up the colours and textures.

finished off with a lovely little beach pebble button
from the west coast of scotland.
handmade by Kirsteen from SewISea.
 stitching together little scraps leftover, to save waste.
and because i like the slow rhythm of the simple hand-stitching.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

ac: school/halloween


this little one came to life with a quick inky doodle during all hallows.
slowly adding layers of liquid ink & watercolour.
after taking part in inktober last month i've developed a love of inkiness.
its so lovely to use.
having no formal training with paints this art of mine is an out of school thing.
self taught.
although admiring artworks, and observing other artists as they share online is very helpful.
especially when it comes to letting go of the preconceived restrictions
imposed during those conventional schooling years.
the variety available online is wonderful.
a little schooling in the garden too . . .  

spending some time among the plants in the quiet dampness of autumn.

the hydrangeas that are in the garden of our new home, i've never grown before
so reading a little about how to help mother nature care for them.

as they move into dormancy. their needs at this time of year . .
the hows and whens of cutting back. along with feeling into the seasons,
as the boundaries shift.

discovering that lacecap & mophead hydrangeas,
although the same family, have very different needs.

both, so beautiful throughout all the stages of their life.

and then there's these tiny cyclamen. also new to me.

like pretty little fairy wings :)

autumn. seasons. changing. shedding. quietening. slowing. spirit. ancestors.
samhain. moving. resting. winter. 

with thanks to Ariane over at Rose, for hosting the Art Challenge.
other posts from ac can be visited via there.
i'm not sure if there was a certain time for this to be posted, sorry if i'm late.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016



she came from out of the blue

all claw

and beak

and inkiness

yesterday was the last day of #inktober.
it was, a challenge. fun. doubtful. hopeful. encouraging. inspiring. 
i've enjoyed the whole process.
there were days when i couldn't be bothered but after making the effort was glad of it.
through it, i've developed a love of ink.
and found more ease in drawing . .  a loosening.

* inks on watercolour paper