Wednesday, 9 November 2016

ac: school/halloween


this little one came to life with a quick inky doodle during all hallows.
slowly adding layers of liquid ink & watercolour.
after taking part in inktober last month i've developed a love of inkiness.
its so lovely to use.
having no formal training with paints this art of mine is an out of school thing.
self taught.
although admiring artworks, and observing other artists as they share online is very helpful.
especially when it comes to letting go of the preconceived restrictions
imposed during those conventional schooling years.
the variety available online is wonderful.
a little schooling in the garden too . . .  

spending some time among the plants in the quiet dampness of autumn.

the hydrangeas that are in the garden of our new home, i've never grown before
so reading a little about how to help mother nature care for them.

as they move into dormancy. their needs at this time of year . .
the hows and whens of cutting back. along with feeling into the seasons,
as the boundaries shift.

discovering that lacecap & mophead hydrangeas,
although the same family, have very different needs.

both, so beautiful throughout all the stages of their life.

and then there's these tiny cyclamen. also new to me.

like pretty little fairy wings :)

autumn. seasons. changing. shedding. quietening. slowing. spirit. ancestors.
samhain. moving. resting. winter. 

with thanks to Ariane over at Rose, for hosting the Art Challenge.
other posts from ac can be visited via there.
i'm not sure if there was a certain time for this to be posted, sorry if i'm late.


  1. Your inky piece is lovely as can be, a bit of mystery in it also, for me.
    loved hearing that you are learning to care for your new plants. A bit of research, a bit of listening.

    Lovely of you to join us.
    Often one or two people post days later, you will find out if people think to check in on you after the weekend. Sweet week to you.

    1. thanks, tammie.. i love that it has mystery for you.
      i got to a point where i almost gave up with the mess i'd created during the process of this one.. glad i didn't.

      and thank you for letting me know about ac, i've enjoyed taking part. lovely week to you too xx

  2. Oh wow. Lovely to read up faqs on hydrangeas, of which I have one variety. They are dear to me because frankly, they demand nothing and my fingers aren't overly green.😉
    Your sketch carries the memory of hydrangeas!

    1. yes, spending time with those gentle autumn hydrangeas has had an influence. thanks for stopping by.