Friday, 11 November 2016


little cloth bags.
repurposed completely from pre-loved fabrics.
the pinks above are made with indian cotton, thai cotton, and thai silk.

these two made from old army shirts,
nice to make use of the little pockets from the sleeves also.
this one below i've made for myself to use.

made with bits of cloth from some of my old clothes . . .

each piece of cloth carrying a memory . . .

i love mixing up the colours and textures.

finished off with a lovely little beach pebble button
from the west coast of scotland.
handmade by Kirsteen from SewISea.
 stitching together little scraps leftover, to save waste.
and because i like the slow rhythm of the simple hand-stitching.


  1. I love your bags!! And the stitched piece at the bottom of this post is glorious!

    1. thank you.. and for stopping by

  2. Each one is lovely and they look as though they are made so well.
    I also enjoy hand stitching.

    Since winter Salon is on my mind.... the last piece looks like a cheerful gathering that is being made as we enter the time of winter salon. I enjoy interpreting the themes any which way or even loosely sometimes.

    1. that's a nice thought.. the scraps being a cheerful gathering.