Tuesday, 3 January 2017

cloth skies


there was a piece of cloth. twinkling at me
as i walked by an oddments basket outside a fabric shop. i tried to ignore it
but it tugged at me. starlight in a basket.
woven silk and cotton. strong and soft. i took it home.
it sat for a while. quietly tugging at me. whispering. 

so i took a trip over to 'Spirit Cloth' to visit Judes 'Feel Free' 
and watched her creating some 'threadbeads'.
above is my first attempt.
it was so nice sitting, pulling my scattered-self together.
immersed in starlight and winter moss

the beginning of the new year i sat
and slow-stitched a moon shadow, listening
to the rain pattering on a corrugated roof, while earth slept.


the threadbeads became more starlike
on a wintercold starry night.

there was more.
the rhythm. the quiet sound of thread flowing through cloth.

i don't know where it's going.
but i like how it feels.

Monday, 2 January 2017

moving through


' red '
new moon. new year.
* best wishes *
* acrylics & ink on acrylic paper. 10 x 7 inches.